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Your EV Charging Trusted Partner

We are a diverse team dedicated to enhancing communities and businesses through sustainable technology services.

Our Story

Coral EV was born out of an ever-increasing need for more EV charging infrastructure. Our leadership expertise spans from investing and operating of technology companies, to commercial-scale real estate development. Plus, with over ten years of installing and maintaining solar energy solutions, we had the teams and the experience already built in.

Serving the Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington DC, New York and Delaware regions, our corporate, developer and facilities management customers quickly recognized the benefit of adding EV Charging to their properties. "Bundling" these sustainable energy services to address multiple ESG goals soon became a simple, cost-effective solution for our existing customers as well as the many new ones still to come.

The Coral EV Philosophy

It’s no longer enough to be just another EV charging company. Cost-effective. Efficient. Sustainable. These are mere table stakes.

The alternative energy industry needs leadership. Trusted experience with emerging technologies that evolve and improve every day.

Confidence and vision to move us from a century of combustible fuels to a zero-emission platform for the centuries to come.

Coral EV is that industry leader and here for the shift to more sustainable energy solutions.

Start Charging
Contact our experienced team to find out how adding electric vehicle chargers to your business or next project, can yield the most return.